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I am a Grade 11 Co-op student straight from C.D.C.I West who’s looking forward to a career somewhere in Art & Design. Working alongside Alice, I’ve been helping her sew, snip, and stitch together pieces for the Fish Commission. Besides that, I’ve also been doing small chores such as organizing the mountains of fabric in the studio, attempting to win the attention of some kindergarten kids,  and maintaining this very blog.
These past couple of months have been wonderful so far – while most kids in the Co-op program are doing hours of heavy lifting, sorting documents into filing systems, and punching numbers into cash registers; I sit in Alice’s sunny studio with a tea in one hand and some beautiful fabrics in the other – doing something I love to do - create and design. In this small town of 18 500, it’s great to find people who have such a passion for art that they make a living off of it, and to be able to assist and learn someone who does is definitely great.